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our services
our clients our objective
to accomplish our work effectively, we assign a private and publicly listed business, team of experts from several departments to each engagement.
this multi-disciplined approach assures you that we have a full understanding of your operation, an insight into your business environment, as well as specialist knowledge. your primary contract is an experienced group of chartered accountants lead by one of the partners of ahc
our approach
1. establishment & evaluation
a. establishment
ahc provides professional services to clients during the establishment phase of their company.
these services consist of representing our client in dealing with the investment authority and other concerned governmental authorities and obtaining the approvals agreements / acceptances.
the following is a sample of our services with regard to the above mentioned issues
o preliminary / final agreement
o preliminary contract
o company's status
o tax register
o approval of legal records
o work and residence permits for expatriates

during the last 5 years aseal heida consulting ahc has acquired significant experience in company's valuation in both public and private sectors, our valuation includes detailed analysis of the market, production, management and financial position of the companies for various purposes including capital increase and obtaining cma approvals
the experience mentioned was obtained through the partners previous experience with multi national firms "arthur andersen" "deliotte touche tohmatsu "and in-house experience in valuation through various accounts in the firms portfolio using different techniques such as dcf, asset valuation ahc being a member firm of dfk international has also the support of dfk through it's network (260 offices) round the world.

2. accounting
this activity is considered to be one of the main areas of the firm's work, based on our experience and professional judgment as well as a good understanding of each client's business and industry we provide our client with professional assistance and help them to establish a proper accounting system suitable for the nature of business.

o our work encompass the establishment of an accounting system designed to be in conformity with the international accounting standards (las) and policies, and applicable to the local accounting practice, laws and regulations.

o establish a cost accounting system for manufacturing industries and supervise its implementation. the client will benefit from its application in the planning, control, and decision making stages.

o we also provide the client with a set of accounting books and records and the related documentation's which provide the necessary financial data for an adequate financial reporting purposes, the financial reports are of an internal and external nature to enable management to:

  • identify condition and trends or deviation from expectations.
  • effectively define, communicate and monitor responsibility and authority.
  • analysis and investigates the significant changes in the external environment and economic conditions.
  • we also provide professional assistance for our client's personnel in the installation phase of the system and provide training courses to help them in the proper implementation of the system.


3. audit approach

perform pre-engagement activities
assess engagement risk
establish terms of engagement

perform preliminary planning
understand the client's business
understand the accounting process
perform preliminary analytical procedures
determine planning materiality
develop client-service objectives

assess risk
understand the control environment
assess risk at the account and potential-error level

develop audit plan
plan audit approach
plan tests of controls
plan substantive tests
prepare audit-planning memorandum

perform audit plan
test controls
perform substantive analytical procedures
perform tests of details
evaluate results of tests
perform financial statement review

conclude and report
perform subsequent events review
obtain management representations
prepare audit-summary memorandum
report on the financial statements
render management letter


4. tax planning, tax advisory, and corporate services approach

ahc provides tax advisory services to virtually all the companies, business organizations and individuals for whom we provide auditing and accounting services to personal clients as well as tax only services to other non audit clients.

commercial profits : advise on tax practice in egypt, preparation of tax computations and their submission, assisting with tax examinations and subsequent agreement with the tax authorities including effects to worldwide tax management, development of coordinated accounting and tax filling requirements, advice regarding appeals.

individual tax : preparation of salary and general income tax returns, their subrnission, assisting with local withholding tax requirements and negotiation with the tax authorities, advice regarding appeals.
special services relate to tax planning for local and foreign clients in which we advise a client on how to arrange his business affairs in the most orderly manner having regard to incidence of taxation, consultation in developing and
implementing compensation plans in a tax effective manner.

corporate tax planning :
o corporate structure.
o tax practices in the middle east.
o dividend policy.

corporate services : we provide assistance to foreign clients wishing to do business in egypt.

5. consultation services

building trust is an essential prerequisite to creating or enhancing sustainable value and understanding the close link between trust and value differentiate the skills that ahc provide strategic advice and hands on help in making solution happen in business restructuring as it also support in improving our client performance & process and implement best  practices .


our consultation division provides a wide range of comprehensive professional services to support our client in decision  making by providing quality advise, information & data that will increase our client ability to implement effective , practical solution .these services include the following.

*business development.

*banking restructing .

*feasibility studies.

*market studies.



6. social insurance services
ahc has established a special department to solve its client's problems related to the implementation of social insurance regulations, this department was established in order to improve our services to clients, it is managed by specialists in this field. the department activities include:
services for clients and their employees
o new subscription for all the activities of the social insurance organization.
o regular follow-up and registration .
o calculating the monthly subscriptions .
o legal and accounting audit related to the clients' payments due.
o instaliment procedures for payments according to client's abilities.
o cancellation of penalties procedures.
o consulting services for solving client's problems with the social insurance organization.
o representing the clients before the appeals and disputes committees.
o communicating with the health insurance organization for the subscription of the employees within the health insurance program.

services for contracting operations

o reviewing contracts & opening files with the social insurance organization.
o negotiating the contents of contracts with social insurance organization in order to get the best available rates.
o representing clients before the technical committee for social insurance in case of any dispute.
o preparing defense memorandum to be presented to the technical committee.
o technical review of the final settlement and obtaining the final insurance certificate.

special services
preparing systems and regulations for private employee funds.

7. human resources
ahc offers a comprehensive service in executive search in egypt and the gulf countries, our clients include many of the top manufacturing and commercial companies including international joint-ventures, we have assisted clients in placing candidates in the various fields including:
o finance , mis, human resources / training, sales & marketing, engineering and administrative / clerical.
we have a substantial database of candidates from whom to shortlist and also conduct newspaper advertising for particular posts, the procedures undertaken for any assignment are as follows:
o define job description with client.
o if necessary, advise on media advertising, undertake advertising copy, design, production and insertion in the national press.
o monitoring response to advertisement and retain applications for exclusive use of client completion of assignment.
o evaluate and appraise suitability of candidates.
o conduct initial interviews.
o present shortlist to client, including our own appraisals.

ahc has an excellent reputation in the market for its professional approach to executive recruiting, due to its thorough screening according to clients' requirements and submission of only the most suited candidates for any job.

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